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Dear Weddington Way

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Dear Weddington Way,

My best friend’s name is Ryan. Yes, he’s a male and he happens to be gay. I’ve known him forever, have celebrated many birthdays and job promotions with him, and think of him like a brother. Before I started dating my husband, Ryan was the only one would make me feel better after I went on a bad date. He’s close with both my fiancé and my family and I really want him to be by my side on the big day. Is it okay to ask him to be my man of honor?

Ronda, New York City


Picking the Perfect Wedding Dress for your Body Type

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Finding the best wedding dress for your body type may seem intimidating, but the experience doesn’t have to be stressful, it should be fun! Most wedding dress stylists will do everything they can to make you look beautiful and feel comfortable while you try on wedding dresses. We believe that everyone can find a dress that is flattering to their shape and skin tone — all you need to know are a few things before you start your search. Let’s start with our breakdown of dresses that work well for certain body types.


Dear Weddington Way

Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 4.22.28 PMDear Weddington Way,

My fiancé and I have just started the planning process, but I am already anticipating issues arising between his mother and myself. While I love her and want her to feel involved, she can be super controlling and is insisting on doing certain things her way. How do I deal with her and not her her feelings?

Molly, St. Louis


How to Incorporate Multiple Cultures Into Your Wedding

multi cultureWhen we think of memorable weddings, the ones that highlight the couple’s background and culture in surprising, but fitting ways come to mind. If you want a mariachi to highlight your Mexican heritage, but your mother-in-law wants the groom’s bagpipe playing cousin to perform, don’t choose one or the other, choose both! Have the bagpipe play before the ceremony and the mariachi perform during the buffet. Your wedding is a celebration of two individuals coming together, so why not create a mash-up of your religious traditions and cultural backgrounds?CONTINUE READING…

Our Favorite Wedding Planning Tools

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The modern day bride is one lucky girl — there are so many awesome technological tools to keep her organized and on track! One of the reasons we created Weddington Way is because we believe that you can use the internet, apps, and everything in between to bring your guests more together in the best kind of way. We’re hoping that Weddington Way creates a positive conversation about your bridal party look and makes finding the perfect bridesmaid dresses that much easier.What about collecting photos and creating a website? Here are our other favorite tools for wedding planning bliss.


Dear Weddington Way

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Dear Weddington Way,

For the past couple of years, whenever I host a party, I invite my friends and family to the event electronically. I’m contemplating going paperless for my upcoming nuptials, but am wondering what is the current view, etiquette wise, on sending save the dates and invitations through email or a website like Evite? Is it considered contemporary and eco-friendly or will my guests frown and think my paperless invites are tacky?

Leslie, Idaho Springs


How to Choose Your Wedding Photographer and Videographer

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When planning a wedding, the bride has to make so many decisions it’s difficult not to get overwhelmed. When that happens (because it will happen!), take a deep breath and remember that we are here to help. Take the decision of hiring a photographer, here is everything that you need to know; read this, ask your questions, and make your hire. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!


Creative Ideas for Your Something Old, New, Borrowed, and Blue

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One of the most popular wedding day traditions comes from an old English rhyme that dates back to the late 1800s. The rhyme says that a bride should wear “something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue” on her wedding day for good luck. The final part of the saying, “and a silver sixpence in her shoe” is generally left out of the modern-day quote. These four objects that the bride carries on her wedding day are simply good luck charms, but each with a different meaning. The something old represents continuity, the something new symbolizes hope for the future, the something borrowed signifies happiness because it’s supposed to be borrowed from someone in a happy marriage, and the something blue stands for love and fidelity. You can incorporate the items into your wedding look however you want, but here are a few of our favorite creative ideas for your something old, new, borrowed, and blue.


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